People's Architecture



Urbanus is a think tank providing strategies for urbanism and architecture in the new millennium. Urbanus is committed to the Modernist believe that architecture is a pivotal force for a better life, and hence architects should push the boundary of their traditional role and be a progressive force in the society. Urbanus theorizes its idea and ideal through a unique practice. The core concern of this practice is design excellence. Educated and trained in both China and the United States, the principals of Urbanus are experieced in design, management and marketing. As registered architects, we are legally to provide professional architectural services in the United States and most parts of the world as well. Within shortly two years of practice, Urbanus' attentive services have includes urban design, urban landmark deign, institutional and commercial buildings, housing, urban landscape, interior design and art installation. Projects include: Nanyou Shopping Park (Shenzhen), Bao’an New City (Shenzhen), Sun Plaza (Beijing), Nongke Center (Shenzhen), Sonshan Lake Headquarters (Dongguan), Futian Science Plaza (Shenzhen), Taida Town Planning (Tianjin).