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Oct 11, 2008 » top
Building Asia Brick by Brick in Hong Kong

Building Asia Brick by Brick | Teach Through Play | My Ideal Hong Kong on Saturday, 11 October 2008 at 4 pm on 46/F, Central Plaza. This event, engaging 240 students from 12 primary schools, is organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, supported by the Faculty of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong, People's Architecture, and sponsored by LEGO Hong Kong Ltd., Pacific Coffee Company and Sino Group.

“Building Asia Brick by Brick" is a two-year project initiated in 2007 by Art Asia Pacific (an international magazine) and People’s Architecture (a non-profit organization). Since June 2007 a series of roadshows and public educational programs has been held in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing to unlock children’s creativity and enhance their awareness of city development. In this year The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design jointly introduce this special educational project to Hong Kong, encouraging students to learn design concepts of urban cities, express their creative and team spirits, and raise their awareness of building the city of Hong Kong.

In the Hong Kong version of “Building Asia Brick by Brick: My Ideal City", participating students will learn through play and use LEGO bricks to build 6 unique ideal cities. In the process, more than twenty professors and graduate students from the university will introduce students with design concepts, and guide them to brainstorm and implement their ideas with bricks. From the building activity, students will develop a sense of structural concepts, an awareness of city development, and skills in creative problem solving, communication and teamwork.

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Dec 08, 2007 » top

Building Asia Brick by Brick | Teach Through Play is a series of public interactive programs designed to encourage children to explore ideas about design and develop an urban awareness. During the Shenzhen Biennale, "Building Asia Brick by Brick Teach Through Play" will invite Shenzhen youngsters and architects to first build an oversized Map of China. The subsequent construction of cities on this map is based on the French salon game of “Rotating Corpse," where a group of players collectively assemble a story or image. Here, each collaborator adds to the composition without being allowed to see the previous contribution. Each team of architects and children will contribute a section to an imaginary city that represents both diverse aesthetic sensibilities and principals of community. The final product is both a vision of China and the act of modeling the inter-generational teamwork necessary to create tomorrow's community.

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Sep 06, 2007 » top
Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair People's Architecture was invited to attend Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair by Art Asia Pacific Magazine as its partner on Building Asia Brick by Brick Programme. Three Models were displayed during the exhibition, Buddhist Bracelet (Ai Weiwei,Beijing), The Red Brick (SciSkew Colleborative, New York/Shanghai/Singapore) and Mathew&Ghosh (Bangalore).

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Jun 23, 2007 » top
TIME TO SHOP | People's Architecture Debut Exhibition

Time To Shop is an installation in the upcoming 4 month-4 city Get It Louder festival. It is a critical installation analyzing statistics of China's current consumption. The installation will capture one second of the Chinese consumer's time to think about how much is already consumed on a daily basis and too ponder their consumption ambitions. Shopping is mutating from an everyday exercise in sustenance to a cancerous western notion of possession.

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Mar 19, 2007 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: Conversation with Andy, Tony, and Eric or WU JIAN ZA

MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2007, 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York

Yung Ho Chang [CN]
Principal Architect, Atelier Feichang Jianzhu (FCJZ)
Professor and Head of the Department of Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Introduction by Wei Wei Shannon | Co-founder People's Architecture

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Dec 13, 2015 » top
Architecture and China

A conversation with Ou Ning and Cao Fei
Wednesday, December 13, 2015, 6:30-8:30pm
A/P/A Institute at New York University
41-51 East 11th Street
7th Floor Gallery
[Between Broadway and University Place]
New York, NY 10003

OU NING [CN] & CAO FEI [CN] Multimedia artists and researchers

Nov 07, 2015 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: Part VII: CHINA VISUAL CULTURE

Tuesday, November 07, 2015, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York

Architect | Director of UNDERLINE OFFICE

CLIFFORD PEARSON [US] Discussion Moderator
Managing Director, China Edition

Introduction by Wei Wei Shannon | Co-founder People's Architecture

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Oct 18, 2015 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: PART VI: CHINA TRANSITON

China’s urban and rural transformation is characterized by dynamic phenomena that question Western ways of analyzing the city, its culture and people. Two renowned scholars will analyze and discuss China’s transition by exploring the peri- urban condition and the creation of new urbanism in transitional Chinese cities. In these areas of urban expansion, where rural meets urban life, China reinvents itself, rural migrants man the industries located on the city’s edge, and young urban professionals move out to the urban periphery in search of the quiet life. Examine this new urbanism means understanding the interplay between state, market, and space. China’s market transition is used as a laboratory to observe these three inter-linked transformations. The multi-layered meaning of urbanization enables us to understand the causes and effects of, and the motives behind contemporary Chinese urban development.

Professor emeritus, School of Public Affairs, UCLA
Honorary Professor, School of Community and Regional Planning, University of British Columbia

Professor of East Asian Planning and Development
Director of the Urban China Research Centre, Cardiff University

Introduction by Wei Wei Shannon[CN], co-founder PEOPLE'S ARCHITECTURE

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Sep 27, 2015 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: PART V: CURATING SHANGHAI

This lecture gives you a sneak preview of the exhibition Shanghai Kaleidoscope, at the ROYAL ONTARIO MUSEUM in TORONTO in year 2008. The exhibition examining Shanghai’s current transformation into a hypermodern international city, will explore four facets of Shanghai’s remarkable cultural mix: urbanism, architecture, contemporary art and fashion.

CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS [US] Curator at the International Center of Photography | New York | US

SALLY WU [CN] Fashion Designer | New York | US

Introduction by Wei Wei Shannon[CN], co-founder PEOPLE'S ARCHITECTURE

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Jul 17, 2015 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: PART IV: S[CR]EE[N]ING CHINA

San Yuan Li is a case study of a typical village-amid-the-city phenomenon in the process of the urbanization of Guangzhou. The crew penetrates San Yuan Li Village as City Flaneur rethinking back into the depth of its history, the confrontation and reconciliation between the process of modernization, and the patriarchal clan system, as well as the rural community system in Guangdong. The bizarre architectures and views of humanity have been captured into this black and white cine-poem. The documentary was commissioned by the Z.O.U. (Zone of Urgency), 50th Venice Biennale (2003).

THE SAN YUAN LI PROJECT (44 minutes, 2003 black & white) | by OU NING [CN] & CAO FEI [CN]

followed by a discussion with OU NING, CAO FEI [CN] | director | Guangzhou, China

Bilingually [CN|EN] hosted by Wei Wei Shannon, co-founder PEOPLE'S ARCHITECTURE

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Jun 22, 2015 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: PART III: CHIN[A]RT

This lecture delves deeper into the image of contemporary Chinese city as given shape and sense through the hands, eyes and minds of two Chinese installation artists. Their understanding and exploring of art as a means of communication to convey aspects of individual experiences in life in relation to global transformations, puts China in the middle of their work.

SONG DONG [CN] installation artist | Beijing, China

YIN XIUZHEN [CN] installation artist | Beijing, China

ZHU TAO [CN] architect | New York, US

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May 16, 2015 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: PART II: FORMAL | INFORMAL

One of the greatest mysteries confronting every individual is: how do “others" live? It is a formal and informal dialogue that, within a specific set of circumstances, shapes our everyday life. China today contributes to the global debate of what we consider to be a world economy structured on relationship between the formal and the informal.

From past, present and future point of view, this lecture will delve deeper into the image of the formal/informal practice of everyday life. How a sped up market economy influences the shift from informal land settlement to formal land planning. Finally, how the power from which formal/informal organizations define what we understand today as the fundamental differences between developing and developed countries.

YUSHI UEHARA    [JP] Professor at Berlage Institute | Rotterdam, The Netherlands

RANDALL CRANE [US] Professor of Urban Planning at UCLA | California, United States

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Apr 17, 2015 » top
3X3 A Perspective on China: PART I: FUTURE | FAST | FORWARD

"Future fast forward" not only indicates the daunting speed of construction for tomorrow, but also implies the rapid emergence of unpredictable conditions resulting from speed. When the world is excited and encouraged by China's speed, the insiders only become more and more concerned. Whether it will be nicer to turn the button from "fast" into "slow", and change "forward" into "backward", once we are all targeting for a better future? And if so, what kind of architectural strategy is feasible for a realistic practice that everyday needs to work in a condition that can be circumscribed as a dirty reality? The joint presentation between Urbanus, a local firm with native designers, and Dynamic City Foundation, a "local" firm with foreign designers, will provide insiders' views on the issue of "density", which is an inevitable topic for the future of China.

HUI WANG [CN] Urbanus Architecture & Design | Beijing, China

YAN MENG [CN] Urbanus Architecture & Design | Shenzhen, China

NEVILLE MARS [NL] Dynamic City Foundation | Beijing, China

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